Before Elections

All Malaysians above the age of 18 are automatically added into the voter roll - no more registration is needed!

Check if your name is included by entering your IC number to view your basic details with the state and constituency you are voting for.
Check my status
Know What each party and candidate stands for
As a voter, you should familiarise yourself with the candidates and parties running for elections in your constituency. Be mindful of the policies that each candidate intends to implement and see if they are aligned with your values, as it could affect you and your community.
Observe offline and online campaigns
Observe candidates during the campaigning period by attending on-ground campaigns, following their social media accounts and watching the news. As you monitor their progress, you should consider their individualistic principles and the values they hold.

During Elections

Check where you are voting
Double check your details in the voter roll and take note of the voting station you need to go to place your vote.
Bring the essentials and go early
Bring your IC, and make sure that your nails are not painted and you’re not wearing a shirt that has any party logo. Go to the voting station early in case of a long queue!
Place your vote on the ballot paper
When you receive your ballot paper, check for a serial number and certified stamp. Place your vote by leaving an ‘X’ in the column next to your chosen candidate and then put it in the ballot box.

After Elections

Find out who wins
Results will be counted on the same night of the voting day and are usually announced before midnight. You can find out who is your representative MP and DUN by watching the news or getting updates on social media.
Know that you can be involved
Once you find out who your representatives are, you can be involved in their work by following their social media pages and even volunteer to support their efforts. You can also contact them if you want to raise any issues directly.

Create your voter profile!

Download this template, fill in your details and tell us what you want for a better Malaysia!

Share your voter profile to your social media pages and get your friends to complete their voter profile too!
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