Democracy Apprentice

#Undi100Peratus is a nationwide flagship programme organised by UNDI18 in collaboration with Undi Negaraku and Architects of Diversity. Its goal is to bring the youth voter education mission to the local level through the empowerment of youths to carry the torch of youth voter education in their own local communities all over Malaysia. Also, it is a platform to create a new political scene in Malaysia through the means of public debates.

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Within the #Undi100Peratus programme, it will involve the recruitment and activation of Democracy Apprentices across the country; together with public debates involving local politicians throughout the five different regions of Malaysia. As Democracy Apprentice, you will become agents of change and messengers of voter education in your own community and circles. Through this programme, we hope to empower and equipped our Democracy Apprentice participants to be active in political and social discourse and to also empower their local communities on the importance of voting.

Five Regions in Malaysia

Who Should Apply?

We’re looking for Malaysian youths within the age range of 17 years old to 30 years old who can advocate, educate and empower their local communities about the importance of voting; youths who are clear in their aspirations and visions for a better Malaysia and understand that it starts with going out to the polls to vote.

What Will You Gain?

At the end of the programme, participants will gain a wide range of knowledge and benefits which includes:

1. Knowledge on voter education, democracy and effective communication
2. Ability to empower and become messengers of voter education to their local communities and circles
3. #Undi100Peratus Merchandise and Allowance

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